Goodbye June

I’ve been doing a lot Codecademy over the past month. It’s gone well. I have a much better understanding of JQuery and in turn, Javascript. I’m completely caught up on their lessons for Code Year. I even came up with a t-shirt idea, $(‘i’).animate(‘theDom’); or $(‘i’).manipulate(‘theDom’); something like that. Perhaps I’ll actually put that out there somewhere. Now that I have so much JavaScript experience (SO MUCH) I’d like to explore using MelonJS again. Javascript is quirky, but with a better understanding of the basics I feel more comfortable diving in.

My Python learning has been on the back-burner. Now that I’m all caught up for Code Year I’m going to go back through Learn Python the Hard Way and finish that up. I’m about half way through. I stalled once I got to the section on making your own adventure game. Instead of figuring it out and doing what I knew how, I tried to tackle too much, which is what led me to Pygame, and Invent Your Own Games With Python. There’s also a sequel that was written to IOGWP that I may get into soon called Making Games With Python & Pygame.

At this point I feel the best thing I can do is set myself on a small project and hack away at it until it’s complete. I’d love to have a mentor who could take a look at what I’m writing and offer guidance, but I’ve yet to meet anyone working in Javascript or Python. There are a lot of groups that meet about Python, but they meet on Wednesdays and I’m busy with improv at HUGE Improv Theater at that time. I still haven’t made a schedule, which leads to a lot of time wasted. I’m not a good scheduler or planner. Must plan. Must work. Must learn.


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