Too much

I stretch myself too thin sometimes. I end up with a lot of stuff I want to do and am unsure how best to pursue it. I started the Intro to Programming class on Udacity with the full intention of keeping up with it, but unfortunately I can’t do it at work, so I got very behind and wasn’t able to complete it. If you’re looking for a great way to learn though, the class has been great and I would highly recommend getting on it as soon as possible. New classes are starting next week.

What I am able to do at work is fix up the website I made last year,  Seoul Players. I’ve been attempting to clean up my very messy CSS. There is a lot of work left to do, but I’m getting closer and closer to finishing the site. I don’t feel too bad that it’s updated when I’m able as I did make the site for free. I do feel bad for whomever might have to take over the site in the future, so I really need to clean it up and comment it.

When I began the site I had every intention of commenting everything, but as I was building I realized more and more that I had no idea how to really use CSS. I had made sites before, but they were strictly HTML with some inline CSS. This was the first site I made with external style sheets and I was really happy with it at the time. I still am, but I really need to fix it up nice.

So, ultimately what I see from my development as a developer is that I am learning…however, I’m not learning the things I want. I want to program games. I will program games. I will figure it out. I need to schedule my life better.


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