I’ve started a new job. I’m doing electronic discovery for law firms. It’s been going well so far. Still in the learning stages. However, I’m starting to see patterns in programming related work. It’s all about the details…and the process.

These details and processes are not limited to just computer work, but are all around the world as well. There are processes that we follow each and every day and my eyes are becoming more open to all of these processes, and I’m beginning to question the efficiency of those processes.

I follow a pattern in my day. I wake up, I make coffee. I drink coffee, I smoke a cigarette. I shower. I get in my car. I start my car. I pull forward and to the right, then reverse into the alley. I drive to work along the same path, with an occasional deviation for various reasons. Road closure, convenience store stop. I arrive at work and I read my RSS feeds. I check my email. Then I go about learning my job. This is my M-F process. Is it efficient? I’m attempting to figure that out. What will make my life more efficient and easier?

This is just one tiny process in my life and just like programming I must follow the process and the details otherwise something will error in my brain. I will feel as though I forgot something, because I did. Just as if I forget a detail in programming the program will error and I must investigate where that error came from.

This slight change in my observation in the world, I believe, will allow me to further my learning of how to interact with the computer when programming. Structure, details, process. Pay attention. Be efficient.