Web Design and Development

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about web design and development. I’ve seen some fantastic website designs lately and it’s gotten me reengaged with designing and developing websites. I made a website for Seoul Players and since I pushed it live sometime in February I have been slowly combing through my awful mashup of CSS code attempting to filter out the chaff and make things cleaner and more responsive. If you look at the Seoul Player’s CSS code, you’ll see I still have a lot of work to do.

What I love about web development is that it’s a constant learning experience. Maybe some would argue about that, especially veterans of the field who didn’t have a whole lot to learn between 1998 and 2004(5)ish, but lately there has been great potential unfolding with CSS3 becoming more widely implemented and HTML5 taking form. It’s a fun time to be in development but it also raises some questions:

1. Why in the world is it taking so long to develop standards to produce a proper layout on a page? http://www.dzone.com/links/rss/the_future_of_css_layouts.html

2. Why is so much fluff being added to CSS and by way, HTML? http://designshack.co.uk/articles/css/return-of-the-loading-bar-are-css3-and-html5-the-new-flash/

3. What is wrong with Apple that they help develop HTML5 and CSS3 specs only to turn around and attempt to patent what they try to implement? Apple HTML5 patent angers W3C and W3 Consortium to Invalidate Apple’s HTML5 Patents
I don’t know the answers, it’s just quite bizarre to me.

So, my Python learning experience is a bit on hold as I attempt to clean up my various website’s code. Once I get my head wrapped around that I’ll be diving right back into learning Python. While my Python experimentation is on hold I have been studying the Python library, which will hopefully be helpful when I get back to it.