What Have I Learned?

Now that introductions are out of the way, let me get into what I have learned. In Ruby, I learned that the syntax it uses is easy to remember. However, after not working with it for three months, ask me how to say Hello World, and I can’t remember. So, easy lesson number 1 is I’d better keep practicing, or I won’t remember how to do a damn simple thing. Alright, lesson learned, keep practicing, keep working, keep trying.

Well, now I’ve moved onto Python. I’ve been following a tutorial called “Learn Python| The Hard Way” and it has been helpful. I’m up to exercise 17. It’s titled More Files and it’s currently trying to get me to learn about the import function in Python. Import allows me to import other people’s code into my script so that I don’t have to code a bunch of stuff that’s already been done. Cool. I like it. It’s overwhelming.

There’s so much going on in programming that I don’t understand how anyone can master a language. I know I’ve read that no one ever “masters” a language because it’s constantly evolving, but to become so proficient is daunting. I’m in the baby steps of remembering how to structure my Python code and to get slapped with import just seems unfair. How do people even know when something has already been done for them? I suppose you just search, but how do you even know what it is you need from the code? Right now it baffles me. I believe I’ll get it. But, it will take time.

So, onto something a little more uplifting. In each of the exercises on “Learn Python| The Hard Way,” there is an extra credit section. Although I haven’t figured out all of the extra credits, which are extra tasks that can be done but aren’t explained, I have managed to wrangle out a few. Once I finish this tutorial I hope to go back through it and nail each and everyone of these extra credits. I’ll definitely update with my success later 😉

So, Python it is. Python it will be. This feels good. This feels right. There is a strong community, an active community, and a bajillion different tutorials I have found. I plan to go through each and every one until I’m confident and capable of figuring out this friggin’ thing!


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